Poly Tire Fill Flat Proofing Service
Give yourself peace of mind and your tires longevity.  Eliminate downtime and
repair or replacement costs by having Urethane Solutions foam fill your tires.  By
Poly Filling your tires they will stand up to the harshest of conditions and will be flat
proof never needing air again - "NO MORE FLAT TIRES"!   

Poly Fill, which is also referred to as Foam Fill, is a two part liquid Poly
compound.  The fill is pumped into a tire, replacing the air inside of the tire; it then
is cured for 24 to 48 hours depending on the weather temperature.  When cured
you will have a Poly filled tire that will not go flat under even the harshest

Poly Fill is recommended for any tire that is tube type or tubeless & that is
operated under hazardous conditions on any equipment that travels less than
35mph.  Poly Fill is not recommended for highway use.  

Poly Fill works best for construction, farm and industrial equipment, for example:  
landfill equipment, bobcats, backhoes, tractors, fork lifts, man lifts, wheel barrows,
lawn mowers, golf carts, hand carts, street sweepers.

Why should you consider Poly Filling your tire?
  • Polyurethane is heavy and will not freeze
  • you will no longer have to add air, water or calcium
  • no more flat tires
  • you can run the Poly filled tire for the life of the tire and when the tire is worn
    past the tread traction the old tire and fill can be cut off and a new tire
    mounted to your existing rim.
We offer two different products to suit your needs:

  • designed for most industrial applications,
  • medium deflection,
  • resilient,
  • great performance for general purpose use

  • used for extra heavy load and provides minimal deflection
Urethane Solutions also offers a
Poly Tire Fill flat proofing service.